Uniquely Nora Books

Children’s Book Series Synopsis:

“Uniquely Nora: What Would People Think”

Nora is an 8 year old who has all sorts of unique thoughts that set her apart from everybody else.  There’s only one thing holding her back from turning her thoughts into actions. She is overly concerned with what people would think of her!

“Uniquely Nora: How to Blend In”

Nora has many different things about the way she looks when she compares herself to others.  After spending much of her time trying to blend in, she realizes a valuable life lesson about standing out!

“Uniquely Nora:  The Perfectionist”

Nora is frustrated by the way she doesn’t allow herself to make mistakes.  When she gets tired of trying to be perfect, she sets herself free and decides to become more of an IMperfectionist!

These three concepts of caring too much about what people think, comparing oneself to others, and perfectionism have been things that I personally had struggled with for most of my life. Now that I’ve realized those things and have overcame them, I think about how much more beneficial it would have been for me to learn these concepts at a younger age. My goal for these books is to help children, teens, and adults overcome such things that are holding them back. I’m still looking for the right publishing company to publish this series. For further inquiry about publishing, email me here.

As a teacher, I value the importance of incorporating the Common Core State Standards at the end of each of my books. I do this through questions which lead to thought provoking whole group and small group discussion which will lead to a grand conversation and other individual drawing and writing activities. Each book with the accompanying questions are intended for K through 3rd Grade.