I just CAN’T get motivated!!!

Do you ever feel like you just CAN’T get motivated on some days? I do! Typically on those days the only thing I end up getting done are the things that I’m in the habit of doing.

Why? Because when something is an established habit, you don’t need motivation to do it. You just do it because that’s what you do. It doesn’t take any time or energy to convince and motivate yourself to do it because you don’t have to think about it. It just happens because it’s a habit! 

Recently I wasn’t feeling well physically and mentally because I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I found that during this time, the only thing for certain that I could get myself to do was workout. Not because I love working out (I thought that would happen for me someday, but it hasn’t). Not because I felt good enough to work out (I for SURESIES did N-O-T) … but because it has been a habit that I have kept up with for a long time so I don’t even think twice about whether I’m going to do it or not. I just do it because that’s what I do out of habit.
Three easy things I did to establish a habit… 

 1. Find internal reasons why doing this habit consistently would be beneficial for me.

For example, internal reasons I found for working out was that it helped me manage anxiety and depression and increased my overall stamina and energy for the day. (Notice that internal reasons are very different than external reasons. External reasons don’t always carry us through, especially when the external results aren’t happening fast enough or the way we imagined and hoped. External results should be looked at more as a bonus! Not a necessity.) 

 2. Establish a set time, day, and location that I plan to complete this habit consistently. 

This takes out having to waste mind power on answering questions like… Where should I do this today? What time do I want to do this today? Do I even feel like doing this today? When I have that many unanswered questions, it’s a lot easier for me to just not do it at all!  

 3. Commit to someone else that I want to make this a habit and ask that person to ask me about it to hold me accountable. 

If you don’t have someone who can do that for you or if your habit is too personal to bring up to someone else, then try setting up a follow-up reminder in your phone to be accountable to. Decide that if the follow-up reminder goes off and you still haven’t done that thing you had wanted to do, do it right then, or schedule a time that day when you can make up for it as soon as possible.

And that’s it!!!

 Now that I’m done with the first trimester YUCKIES, I have realized ALL the other things that I want to turn into habits. My mind started overwhelming me with all the habits I wanted and needed to start! “Ok, ok, simmer down.” I have to tell myself. “Start with one thing at a time.” Self-compassion and patience with yourself is always beneficial when starting new habits. 

So start now, but start small.

 Until next time,

 Be Gleefully Me (as you not as me;-)

It’s hard to get through the rough times without a bit of humor. Here’s my latest…


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