Motivational Tip 5: Self-Love

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether or not you have a significant other… doesn’t matter! I’m going to focus on the importance of self-love for this week’s motivational thought. All you need for that is me, myself, and I! (Well… you, yourself and you;-)

Recently I went through an hour long competitive interview process for Mrs. Mesa Arizona International. The interview questions were challenging, in-depth, and thought provoking. I was well prepared for all of them, except for the last one…

“What do you love most about yourself?”

Say whaaaaaatttt????

That’s the only question that I was not prepared to answer! I had to take an extra moment to really delve in, self-reflect and find out what it was that I loved most about myself.

This was a challenge because I used to not want anything to do with self-love. I was under the impression that self-love was just an excuse for people to be self-absorbed, selfish, and vain. Come to find out, I was extremely misinformed!

Self-love isn’t that at all. Self-love is developing a healthy appreciation for your whole self. Supporting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Recognizing and honoring your feelings. Embracing your imperfections and accepting your weaknesses as well as recognizing your strengths. When a person has this love for his or her whole self, achieving goals, self-improvement and loving others comes more easily.

What would you have answered to the question “What do you love most about yourself?”

It’s hard right!?

But seriously, answer the question. It’s the best valentine you can give yourself!

Here’s an excellent article about how to develop greater self-love from Psychology Today. Click here to view.

Until next time,

Be Gleefully Me (as you not as me;-)


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