Part 5: Dreams Die Before Coming True: May They NOT Rest in Peace

Don’t let your inner-critic bully you around and have free reign over your mind anymore!


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Below is 4 out of 5 MAJOR reasons for giving up on a dream and how to overcome that reason. All of the reasons listed in my mini-series posts are created by your own inner-critic. The name I have given for that inner self-critic is “The Brain Bully.” Do not let it bully you around and have free reign over your mind anymore!

Overcoming reason number 4: (Being scared of the rejections that come with the process of achieving your dream.)

There will always be rejections leading up to achieving your dreams and goals.  Rejections are going to happen.  To everyone.  That’s completely normal and part of the learning process. What the Brain Bully does to us after a rejection is why we are terrified of being rejected. It creeps up on us to pronounce,

“You were rejected because you’re just not good enough. You’re not strong enough.  You’re not talented enough.  You’re a failure.”  The Brain Bully will keep going on and on like that until you end it’s escapades by declaring once again,


Now you are freed from that villainous mentality to find out what the Brain Bully is trying to communicate to you. Just like all the other times I’ve mentioned before, the Brain Bully really does have good intentions, but it’s just putting them across in a non-productive way. Perhaps your Brain Bully just wants to let you know that there’s more  work that you need to do to get you to be more qualified for next time.

Without your Brain Bully degrading you, you are now much less depressed and your mind more free to tell yourself some more accurate self-talk.  Tell yourself truth-telling words that will help you become better, rather than degrade you.  An example of this could be,

“I didn’t get it this time, but that doesn’t mean I’m a failure or that I’m never going to be ‘good enough.’  I know now the areas I can work harder in or do differently for next time.”

I picture working towards your goals and dreams as a steep climb up a rocky mountain. There will be many boulders to climb over and bumps and bruises that inevitably happen to you along the way but as you go through those tough times, you get stronger and more able and capable to handle your next mountain climb.  Rejection is just like one of those boulders. Don’t let it stop you.  As you climb over it you become stronger for the next one that comes your way!

During those hard parts of your climb, focus on how good it will feel to reach the top of that mountain, to reach that goal you have been working so hard to attain. Once you reach the top, looking down from above at all of those boulders of rejection you overcame and looking out at the beautiful view will make all the hardships worth the fight.


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Be Gleefully Me (as you not as me;-)


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