Part 4: Dreams Die Before Coming True: May They NOT Rest In Peace

Glad you’re back!  If this is your first time stumbling upon this post, I encourage you to click here to see an overview of what you missed.

Have you tried any of the things I have suggested yet?  The one thing I hope you can take away from my posts is how to have a more keen ability to recognize your Brain Bully. Basically whenever the thought or feeling comes that has to do with you not being good enough, smart enough, capable enough or being a bad mom, a bad wife, a bad cook, a bad housekeeper, a bad teacher, a bad WHATEVER… that is your Brain Bully. That inner-critic can have detrimental effects on a person’s well-being which will effect mood, happiness, confidence and will add to anxiety, stress, and depression…if you let it.  Review the post here to be reminded how to get your bully to be a friend instead of an enemy.  Even a frienemy would be better than a bully! As for our next item to overcome so that you may achieve your dreams…drum roll please…

Overcoming reason number 3: (Believing that working towards your own dreams is selfish.)

Everyone has obligations that need to be taken care of for the benefit of other people. Whether it be in your relationships, work obligations, or family to care for and provide for; these responsibilities have the potential to bring you an abundance of joy.  However, if you are not taking care of yourself, you will NOT be physically, mentally, and emotionally present to enjoy the happiness that comes from such responsibilities. Trust me, I’ve been there. Part of taking care of yourself means making time to do things for your own enjoyment. These include things that lead you to achieving your goals and dreams.

You may feel like spending time on those goals would only take away time from the responsibilities that need to be attended to.  NEWS FLASH…there will always be something that needs to be attended to! However, when you purposefully set aside a small amount of time to work on things for yourself, something amazing happens.  You will feel rejuvenated, re-energized, and a newfound ability to tackle your everyday obligations.  In fact, the empowerment you feel from it makes things you were stressing over seem less worrisome and much easier to tackle! All because you are taking care of YOU and what you find joy in doing for yourself.  This makes for a happier person in general and can influence all your relationships and responsibilities in a positive way.  So is it selfish?  Well… it’s actually the BEST selfish thing you could possibly do!


Think of one thing you can do for YOU today and set aside a little bit of time to enjoy doing that. This may mean you have to leave some other things undone for a short period of time.  If the thought of that is terrifying, you may find my post “3 Steps to Become an IMperfectionist” a helpful one to read.

Update:  Click here for the next post in this mini-series. It addresses how to overcome the next reason for giving up on a dream (being afraid of rejections).

Here is a helpful list of simple ideas of how to better take care of YOU that was written in Huggington Post by Dr. Melissa McCreery Clinical Psychologist, Author, Founder of  Click here to view.

Take care,

Be Gleefully Me (as you not as me;-)


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