Dreams Die Before Coming True: May they NOT rest in Peace!

Get rid of your inner self-critic and bring your dreams back to life!


To start off, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with what a “dream” is.  The definition of dream I will be referring to; a cherished ambition or aspiration.

At first I started wishing that I had never had a dream at all because it was always taunting me, getting me to feel guilty or ashamed that I hadn’t done anything about it. Then I went a while thinking I didn’t have a dream anymore at all because my dreams were buried so deep. In fact, come to find out, I had buried my dreams ALIVE. YIKES!

Below are 5 Reasons Why Dreams Die Before Coming True.  All have happened to me and were created by my own inner-critic. The name I have given that inner self-critic who puts such rationale in my mind is “The Brain Bully.” Dun dun DUUUUUN!

This brain bully has a very specific specialty… TRAMPLING OVER HOPES AND DREAMS!!! I used to let it have free reign over my mind without realizing I was able to take control and change the feelings and thoughts I was having. Now that I am aware of these thought processes, I have developed tools to overcome such dream-slaughtering bullying. These tools will help turn your inner-critic into a friend instead of a foe. I am sharing these tools with YOU so that you can take back control.

We push so hard against bullying in regards to children and teens, as we should, but we neglect to realize the severity of our own self-bullying.


Let’s start now and take back control! We can do this. It’s time.

5 Reasons Why Dreams Die Before Coming True: (aka-What your Brain Bully tells you.)

  1. Realize the hard work necessary, get overwhelmed, and give up.
  2. Being overly concerned about having other people’s approval or “likes.”
  3. Believing that working towards your own dreams is selfish.
  4. Feeling scared of the rejections that come with the process of achieving your dream.
  5. Comparing yourself to others who have already successfully accomplished your dream.

Take a deep breath… and breath out the guilt or stress that came with any of the above statements. I have set up this blog post as a small series of posts to be sent to you via email a few days apart because I know how it is… these types of blog posts can feel overwhelming when thrown at you all at once. Each post will consist of one reason and how to overcome it.  Let’s turn this bully into a friend!  Even a frienemy is better than a bully!

Update!  Part 2: Dreams Die Before Coming True: May They NOT Rest in Peace is up and ready to read about overcoming reason number 1.

For a helpful opinion from an experienced marriage and family therapist, here’s another good article that supports mine in how to quiet your inner-critic. Click here to view!

“YES, that is totally me.”  >>>>>>  If this is your response to any of the above 5 reasons, please click here to sign up to receive the next 5 blog posts a few days apart.

Until next time,

Be Gleefully Me (as you, not as me;-)


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