A Tribute to the Life of the Mombie: May She Rest In Peace

Sia’s new song “The Greatest” was written as a tribute to the Mombie community, may they rest in peace. And not because they have died, but because they really do deserve to have a peaceful night’s sleep for once.

For those who aren’t informed about the group of women who are known as “The Mombies,” let me shed some light on the subject for you. A typical mom becomes a Mombie after spending most of her days getting chased by zombie children who will not leave her alone. Ever. Even in the bathroom.  And definitely in the shower. They exhaust her throughout the day and keep her up in the middle of the night. This complete exhaustion plus sleeplessness equals successful Mombie transformation. You see, zombie children have one purpose and one purpose alone… turning mom into a Mombie. 

The lyrics in Sia’s song portray a mom running out of breath; filthy from her inability to shower and yet she’s got just enough stamina to keep her going. She closes her eyes, trying to sneak in any bit of sleep she can. Still, she keeps going…believing in her heart that she is just enough; that she CAN make it through another day before turning Mombie. The zombie children on the other hand are just so excited to be alive, “the greatest alive” in fact. They are full of energy and excitement and desire for mom to take part in their joy and so they continue pursuing her transformation. What they do not realize is that when their mommy turns Mombie, she actually has much less energy and stamina to give to them. The rest of the story is best represented in this YouTube music video. Will mom overcome the zombie children’s demands? Can she make it just one more day before turning? You’ll just have to watch this endearing tribute to the life of the Mombie to find out.


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